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Please note that these are average samples only. Due to granite being a natural material, rough block, slabs, tiles, and monuments are all liable to vary in colour and veining, therefore absolute resemblance cannot be guaranteed. Click material to enlarge.

American Red
American Red

Argentine Balmoral
Argentine Balmoral, Balmoral Argentino

Argentine Mahogany
Argentine Mahogany, Mahogany Argentino

Blue Andes
Blue Andes, Azul Andes

Coco Brown
Coco Brown, Marrón Coco

Cordoba Grey
Cordoba Grey, Gris Córdoba

Grey Pearl
Grey Pearl, Gris Perla

Lilac Sierra
Lilac Sierra, Sierra Lilac

Red Dragon
Red Dragon, Rojo Dragón

Red Sierra Chica
Red Sierra Chica, Rojo Sierra Chica

Rose De Salto
Rose De Salto, Rosa Del Salto

Rose Renca
Rose Renca, Rosa Renca

Salmon Rose
Salmon Rose, Rosa Salmón

San Felipe
San Felipe

Santa Fe Brown
Santa Fe Brown, Marrón Santa Fe


Indian Black
White San Marcos, Blanco San Marcos