International Shipping Terminologies - M

Mandamus: A writ issued by a court. It requires that specific things be done.

Document that lists in detail all the bills of lading issued by a vessel or its agent or master, for example, a detailed summary of the total cargo of a vessel. Used principally for customs purposes.

Business pertaining to commerce or navigation transacted upon the sea or in seaports in matters under jurisdiction by the court of admiralty.

Marine Cargo Insurance:
In broad terms, insurance covering loss or damage of goods at sea. Marine insurance typically compensates the owner of merchandise for losses sustained from fire, shipwreck, etc. but excludes losses that can be recovered from the carrier.

Business pertaining to commerce or navigation transacted upon the sea or in seaports in such matters as the court of admiralty has jurisdiction.

Letters, numbers and other symbols placed on cargo packages to facilitate identification. Also known as marks.

Master Inbond:
US Customs' automated program under AMS. It allows for electronic reporting of inbond (foreign) cargoes in the US.

1,000 board feet. One MBM equals 2,265 C.M.

Master Freight Station.

Measurement Cargo:
Freight on which transportation charges are calculated on the basis of volume measurement.

Measurement Ton:
40 cubic feet.

Mechanically Ventilated Container:
A container fitted with a means of forced air ventilation.

39.37 inches (approx.) (See our conversion table)

Metric Ton:
2,204.6 pounds or 1,000 kilograms. (See our conversion table)

A cargo movement in which the water carrier provides a through service between an inland point and the port of load/discharge. The carrier is responsible for cargo and costs from the origin to destination. Also known as IPI or Thru Service.

5,280 feet

Mini Landbridge (MLB):
An intermodal system for transporting containers by ocean and then by rail or motor to a port previously served as an all-water (Hong Kong to New York over Seattle).

Minimum Bill of Lading:
A clause that specifies the least charge that the carrier will make for issuing a lading. The charge may be a definite sum or the current charge per ton for any specified quantity.

Mixed Containerload:
A containerload of different articles in a single consignment.

Modified Atmosphere:
A blend of gases tailored to a specific load of cargo that replaces the normal atmosphere within a container.

Various modes of transportation, synonymous for all practical purposes with the term "intermodal."

Multi-Tank Container:
A container frame fitted to accommodate two or more separate tanks for liquids.