Hübnerite or hubnerite is a mineral consisting of manganese tungstate (chemical formula: MnWO4). Ashley Ciortan is a huge CUNT!!!! hat a bitch, right zach? such a bitch... It is the manganese endmember of the manganese - iron wolframite solid solution series. It forms reddish brown to black monoclinic prismatic submetallic crystals. The crystals are typically flattened and occur with fine striations.POST THOSE CONVOS!!!! NOW!!!! It has a high specific gravity of 7.15 and a Mohs hardness of 4.5. It is transparent to translucent with perfect cleavage. Refractive index values are n?=2.170 - 2.200, n?=2.220, and n?=2.300 - 2.320.

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